The Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund

A fund for new theatre & comedy

About the fund...

The Charlie Hartill Special Reserve is a designated fund towards the production costs of bringing selected projects to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The purpose of the Fund is to enable the writers, directors, technicians, producers and performers of the future to have an opportunity to hone their talents by offering financial support in the form of an investment.

The Fund was established in 2004 in memory of Charlie Hartill, who died in January of that year.

Charlie was a wit, writer, performer, ex-President of The Cambridge Footlights, 8 years a director of the Festival Fringe and the Pleasance's man of the computer. He is very much missed not just for his practical skills and quite extraordinary contributions to the Pleasance, but as the most engaging of human beings. He laughed a lot, constantly entertaining so many of those who met him, and he liked a glass of wine. He was 32.

“Without the support of the Charlie Hartill Fund, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we did creatively. It gave us breathing room to develop the play properly without the immediate pressure of raising funds, it gave us time and space to allow us to focus our efforts on actually making a good show rather than just surviving the fringe” Andy Whyment, Squint (2015 Charlie Hartill recipients)


COMEDY RESERVE - 9.30pm, Pleasance JackDome

Catherine Bohart

Danny Clives

Sophie Duker

Nigel Ng 


THEATRE RESERVE - 4pm, Pleasance JackDome

Flesh and Bone, by Unpolished Theatre. 

This thrilling piece of new writing gives a wickedly eloquent voice to the gritty residents of an East London tower block.  Unpolished Theatre's first production is fast-paced and in-your-face, with echoes of Stephen Berkoff and Trainspotting.

The Pleasance is proud to support these shows as part of our 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme.

Find out more about applying for the fund here.

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