Almeida Theatre: Academy Double-Bill

7th Jul 2019

Main House - Pleasance London



Pirate Queen In 1593 the two most powerful women in the British Isles came face to face for the first time. One of them was Queen Elizabeth I of England. The other was legendary Irish pirate queen Grace O’Malley. History says they were enemies. Rumour has it they became friends.

Inspired by this real event, Pirate Queen re-imagines the stories of Grace and Elizabeth, in an adventure play about pirates, palaces, war… and peas.

Scouts vs. Zombies Welcome to Islington 4th Scout troop’s annual jamboree! There’ll be reef-knots, and camp fires, and a bad fart in the tent that everyone will blame on everyone else, and absolutely no phone reception. Just like last year, right? Wrong. Dead wrong... Which of the scouts will be prepared for what comes next?

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