Beach Body Ready

Roaring Girls, Absolutely Cultured, Pleasance, York Theatre Royal, Hull Truck

31st Jul 2019 - 26th Aug 2019

Pleasance Above - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for ages 14 and above


Important information:

This show contains strong language

It's the season of cutting carbs, hitting it hard at the gym, and shaving everything from the chin down. Summer has rocked up and the media has us thinking about how our bodies aren't up to scratch and there are companies ready to capitalise on that. We've been shamed, dehumanised, and humiliated for how we look and we've had enough.

Join The Roaring Girls for a defiantly feel-good show which sticks two fingers up at how the media says you should look.

The Roaring Girls are getting Beach Body Ready. Are you?

Presented by The Roaring Girls / AbsolutelyCultured / Pleasance / YorkTheatreRoyal / HullTruckTheatre

Supported by Pleasance Futures as part of the Regional Theatre Partnership Programme with York Theatre Royal


Please note all performances are Relaxed

Other Accessible Performances

Sun 11th, Wed 14th & Sat 24th August - Captioned 

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

Contagiously joyful and fiercely frank @theroaringgirls set a new standard in discussing body image. Tossing platitudes aside, this galvanising trio embrace taboos, share heartfelt anecdotes & embody the universal struggle for self-acceptance. Brilliant.
5 stars
From the title, I was expecting a stew of worn clichés like “beauty comes from within”, but The Roaring Girls delivered no such corny, off the rack message. They gave a personal, honest, real account of what it is like to be a body conscious woman in today’s society.
5 stars
Voice Magazine
Beach Body Ready successfully evokes a sense of hope through its commitment to celebrating women's curves and crevices with unequivocal pride and unapologetic candour.
4 stars
The List
Beach Body Ready is a breath of fresh air and should be required watching for all.
4 stars
Broadway World
this show feels less like a play and more like a conversation with the audience. Fun, energetic and unashamedly body positive, the three charismatic performers share their personal tales with raw honesty...
4 stars
Three Weeks
The show opened explosively and unapologetically with the three performers taking to the stage in their underwear and introducing themselves with facts about their bodies. It was fiercely captivating and set the tone of what was to be an incredible show. Roaring Girls used a mixed-media production to explore and discuss their own journey of body image and in turn relate this to bigger, more profound societal issues surrounding weight and conforming to expectations.
4 stars
Feminist Fringe
Beach Body Ready is a deeply candid production, feeling much more like a highly entertaining and extremely funny conversation rather than a traditional theatre piece. Beach Body Ready is empowering, honest and a breath of fresh air.
4 stars
Theatre Weekly
The women are immensely likable performers, with the kind of emotional frankness and comic timing more often found in confessional standup. Directly addressing the audience throughout, they’re engaging, funny and inclusive, injecting their stories with warmth and wit.
3 stars
The Guardian
Abbey, Morley and Penney are all wonderfully warm and engaging performers. It’s a joy being in their company for an hour... This is a buoyant, honest and often moving show.
3 stars
The Stage

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