Beach Body Ready

Roaring Girls, Absolutely Cultured, Pleasance, York Theatre Royal, Hull Truck

31st Jul 2019 - 26th Aug 2019

Pleasance Above - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for ages 14 and above


Important information:

This show contains strong language

It's the season of cutting carbs, hitting it hard at the gym, and shaving everything from the chin down. Summer has rocked up and the media has us thinking about how our bodies aren't up to scratch and there are companies ready to capitalise on that. We've been shamed, dehumanised, and humiliated for how we look and we've had enough.

Join The Roaring Girls for a defiantly feel-good show which sticks two fingers up at how the media says you should look.

The Roaring Girls are getting Beach Body Ready. Are you?

Presented by The Roaring Girls / AbsolutelyCultured / Pleasance / YorkTheatreRoyal / HullTruckTheatre

Supported by Pleasance Futures as part of the Regional Theatre Partnership Programme with York Theatre Royal


Please note all performances are Relaxed

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