Bechdel Theatre Workshops: Establishing A Feminist Working Practice

19th May 2019

StageSpace - Pleasance London



An interactive workshop for individuals and companies interested in producing/marketing their own theatre show. A valuable insight into what it’s like being on the receiving end of press releases and marketing campaigns aimed at feminist audiences.

About Bechdel Theatre

Bechdel Theatre use the Bechdel test to talk about gender & representation on stage (The Bechdel test asks: Are there two women? Do they talk to each other about something other than a man?). They are known for their stickers, podcast, and blog, and regularly host and produce events which celebrate and amplify previously underrepresented voices on stage.

Bechdel Theatre workshops are lead by Beth Watson and Pippa Sa, who work as performers, devisers and workshop facilitators alongside their Bechdel-related work. Beth & Pippa will be available after workshops and happy to chat to participants about their wider work, theatre, feminism, or any topics raised in the workshops.

Bechdel Theatre workshops are open to all genders, but have a strong feminist focus, and are aimed at people who feel they’re under-represented on stage. Participants with all levels of experience are welcome: From seasoned theatre professional to complete newbie. You don’t need a qualification to connect and collaborate meaningfully with other like-minded artists. These workshops aim to be as accessible as possible. If you cannot afford a ticket, or have a question about accessibility or content, please feel free to email anytime on

Feedback from previous participants:

Bechdel Theatre workshops have been delivered at Spotlight, Out of Joint Studios, Bristol University, The Pleasance, and The Mono Box. Here’s what participants gained from the experience:

"A strong sense of camaraderie and support."

"Fun, low-pressure, and I left feeling confident in my work."

"I felt encouraged to take risks in a way I hadn't before."

"You come out feeling hopeful."

"You'll get great feedback and be able to single out what your personal strengths are."

"Do you like interesting female characters that are talking about something other than men? This is where you should go!"

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