Becoming Mohammed

2nd May 2017 - 21st May 2017

StageSpace - Pleasance London

7:45pm, 5:30pm

Suitable for ages 16 and above


“Would you want me to convert to Islam?”
“Of course, it’s like wishing you good health.”

When Sara knocks on her brother’s door after two years, she hardly recognises the man in front of her. Thomas has grown a beard, gets up at the crack of dawn, and dates a girl in a Hijab. They attempt to rekindle their childhood friendship, but Thomas hasn’t told his sister everything yet…

Becoming Mohammed is a new play inspired by the personal experience of director Annemiek, whose brother reverted to Islam. It explores what it takes for a Western man to become a Muslim, and for his family to come to terms with his choice.


Director Annemiek van Elst -
Writer Claudia Marinaro
Producer Hannah Tookey -
Set Designer Bex Kemp -
Costume Designer Syed Shadid Nisar
Publicity Designer Daniela Pinheiro -
Facilitator Nabihah Islam


Sarah Philippa Carson
Aminah Nadia Lamin

This show is part of our Spring Season and can be found in our brand new brochure which is available here

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