Ben Moor: Who Here's Lost?

Ben Moor

5th Aug 2020 - 31st Aug 2020

The Attic - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for ages 12 and above


What do we make with our lives?

An artist worries his work has lost its way.

An architect wants to see her buildings a final time.

A changing landscape is searching for itself.

Who Here’s Lost? is a story about what we value as we go along, and how we present it to others.

It features bubble-wrap, party games, museums, ants, and ice cream.

So if you’re lost, just think about the ice cream.

Funny, melancholy, surreal, mind-expanding; Ben Moor’s shows aren’t ever easy to define, but are impossible to forget.

2 for 1 through Pleasance available Mon 10th & Tues 11th - applied automatically on full price tickets.

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