Best of Edinburgh Showcase Show

2nd Aug 2018 - 26th Aug 2018

Cabaret Bar - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for ages 16 and above


Best Of Edinburgh Comedy Showcase Show Lunchtime Gig
Great value lunchtime compilation showcase featuring the best and brightest of this year's Fringe comics. Hand-picked and with changing line-ups daily – take a seat, you're in for a treat! Now in its 15th successful year in the Cabaret Bar, this is the best way to start the day for comedians and festival comedy fans alike.

See for daily listings and news.

'A perfect bite-sized flavour of the festival' **** (ThreeWeeks).

'A brilliant way to discover new talent' **** (ThreeWeeks).

'This delightful afternoon slot at the Pleasance is a crowd-pleaser' (



Hello and welcome to Best Of Edinburgh Showcase Show 2018!  

Here's the daily line-ups so far - please note they might change (despite our best efforts) so accept our apologies if it is different on the day.  We always tweet the line up the day before, and any changes are always because the artist had to re-schedule due to the craziness that is Fringe!

Thursday 2/8 - Jess Robinson, Larry Dean, Fred Cooke, Ian Smith and host John Hastings

Friday 3/8 - Gary Delaney, Mandy Knight, Chris McCausland, Josh Pugh, and host Robin Morgan

Saturday 4/8 - Mark Simmons, Jess Robinson, Carey Marx, Stuart Mitchell and host Sally-Anne Hayward

Sunday 5/8 - Alistair Barrie, John Lynn, Short & Curly, Imran Yusuf and host Danny Ward

Monday 6/8 - The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Review, Markus Birdman, Lauren Pattison, Andy Field and host Maff Brown

Tuesday 7/8 - Jess Robinson, Alasdair Beckett-King, Brennan Reese, Rich Wilson and host Neil Delamere

Wednesday 8/8 - Gary Delaney, Milo McCabe as Troy, Ian Smith, John Hastings and host JoJo Sutherland

Thursday 9/8 - Christian Reilly, Sean McLoughlin, Lou Conran, Adam Rowe, and host Masud Milas

Friday 10/8 - Mandy Knight, Mark Simmons, Gordon Southern, Phil Ellis, and host Danny Ward

Saturday 11/8 - Neil Delamere, Nick Doody, Eddy Brimson, Imran Yusuf and host Robin Morgan

Sunday 12/8 - Paul Sinha, Fred Cooke, Christian Reilly, Rich Wilson, and host Gordon Southern

Monday 13/8 - Geoff Norcott, Larry Dean, Eshaan Akbar, John Lynn and host Laura Lexx

Tuesday 14/8 - Alistair Barrie, Eleanor Tiernan, Darren Walsh, Tom Houghton, host JoJo Sutherland

Wednesday 15/8 - The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Review, Peter Brush, George Zacharopoulos, David Mills, and host Jimmy McGhie

Thursday 16/8 - Josh Pugh, Brennan Reese, Catherine Bohart, Bennett Arron  and host Markus Birdman

Friday 17/8 - Geoff Norcott, Chris Kent, Milo McCabe as Troy, Masud Milas, and host Sally Anne Hayward

Saturday 18/8 - Ian Smith, Sean McLoughlin, Gareth Richards,  Christian Reilly, and host John Lynn

Sunday 19/8 - Graham Fellowes, Alison Spittle, Mark Simmons, Juliet Myers with Homer the dog,  hosts Neil Delamer

Monday 20/8 - Eddy Brimson, Robin Morgan, Chris Betts, Kirk Smith and host Lou Conran

Tues 21/8 - Rich Wilson, John Hastings, Naomi Cooper,  Maff Brown, Noise Next Door

Weds 22/8 - Laura Lexx, Yainni Agiislaou, Alistair Barrie, Riobert White, Daliso Chaponda

Thur 23/8 - Danny Ward, Henry Paker, Tania Edward, Neil Delamere, act tbc

Fri 24/8 - Gareth Richards, Ed Night, Maisie Adam, Stiff & Kitsch, Sean McLoughlin

Sat 25/8 - Gordon Southern, Ivo Graham, Daisy Earl, Bennett Arron, Larry Dean

Sun 26/8 - Edwin Sammon, Imran Yusuf, act tbc, atc tbc, act tbc

Important information:

THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S SHOW. Show is recommended for 16+. May contain adult language and material

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

Have a bite to eat and take a seat – you're in for a treat! The bustling Pleasance Courtyard hosts this lunchtime show, presenting a selection of bite-size stand-up performances...... A simple concept, but highly effective and entertaining, it was a far better use of my time than seeking out an overcrowded café for lunch.
4 stars
Broadway Baby
Whipping up a selection of the best comedy acts of the Festival into a delicious bite-sized chunk ..... A perfect lunchtime treat.
4 stars
Threeweeks Edinburgh

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