BoxedIn Theatre Presents: Swallows

BoxedIn Theatre

2nd Aug 2019 - 26th Aug 2019

The Greenhouse by BoxedIn Theatre - Pleasance Pop-Up: Dynamic Earth


Suitable for ages 14 and above


Important information:

This performance contains distressing themes, scenes of violence, and strong language.

Tim, Harry and Ella have been sent on a mission – destroy a factory, send a message. Only when chunks of ice are falling from the sky, it doesn’t seem there's that much left to say.

Henry Roberts returns to the BoxedIn stage with a riveting look at eco-terrorism and our relationship with the environment. Some of us argue vehemently for more sustainability – but once the sea levels rise and rivers are choked with rubbish, will that be enough?

Swallows delivers an important message of caution, and (perhaps more importantly) a vital message of hope.

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