Craig Hill: Bottoms Up!

MZA and CHiLL Productions

2nd Aug 2019 - 25th Aug 2019

Lomond Theatre - Pleasance at EICC


Restricted to ages 16 and above


If you're a gin, he's a tonic!

'Hilarious... delightfully fizzy tone and sharp observational jokes... definite highlight of this year's festival... Brilliant!' (Daily Record).

Join Craig as he pops his cork to toast his 21st show at the fringe – this is one fun mixer that will keep you fizzy all the way to the bottom.

'Upbeat and always hilarious' ***** (Mirror).

'Riotously funny!' (Independent).

'Class... Hill actually has to wait until the audience stop laughing before he can start again... absolutely hilarious' (Edinburgh Evening News).

'Irresistible... laugh-out-loud performance from beginning to end!' (List).


Accessible Performances

Thurs 15th & Fri 21st August - BSL Interpreted by Catherine King MITI/MRSLI

Important information:

This performance contains audience participation and strong language.

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

Flat-out hilarious… I’ve not heard a room laugh so long and hard… There isn’t anyone better at working a crowd… the audience was in absolute paroxysms of laughter… He has a wide appeal and it is genuinely funny.
5 stars
'Hill had everyone in hysterics from go to whoa... This is one highland fling you’ll never regret... or forget! ★★★★1/2 (Adelaide Advertiser)... ‘Funny as hell!’ (Scotland on Sunday)... ‘High-octane… Riotous! ★★★★ (Herald Sun)... Hilarious… delightfully fizzy tone… Brilliant!’ (Daily Record)... ‘Riotously funny’ (Independent)... ‘Priceless… Hill’s wicked sense of humour is hidden behind an innocent front in what is a laugh-out-loud performance from beginning to end… Absolutely hilarious!’ ★★★★ (List)
5 stars
Wickedly subversive as well as risqué and rib-tickling… Craig Hill is one of the funniest men in Scotland. If you only see one show at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe go and see his. You will simply love it.
5 stars
Edinburgh Reporter

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