Elements of Freestyle

3rd Aug 2019 - 25th Aug 2019

Lennox Theatre - Pleasance at EICC


Suitable for all ages


Elements of Freestyle
An adrenaline-fuelled explosion of extreme sports, music, dance and theatre, ISH create breathtaking poetry with every movement in this spectacular show.

Elements of Freestyle is about those redeeming seconds that make a complicated trick ultimately succeed. About the freestyler's total focus, ecstasy and feeling of freedom. In a succession of breakdance, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and free running, the audience discovers the art behind the trick.

Director Marco Gerris' (So You Think You Can Dance) show packs a wallop, making you think, 'Wow, what did I just see?'

'Sparkles with pleasure' ***** (

Important information:

This performance contains occasional moments of loud noise.

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

Urban arts elevated to dance.
5 stars
Unbelievable… You have to experience this, experience it in full colour, live and soaked in music… very special.
5 stars
Breathtaking… emotion and passion in every movement.
4 stars
Impressively pure... sparkles with pleasure

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