29th Mar 2017 - 2nd Apr 2017

StageSpace - Pleasance London

8pm, 4pm


Ever wondered what the underworld’s like? Join us for this playful, modern take on the classic Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

As Orpheus attempts to rescue his new bride from a life in the underworld, Eurydice tries to fit in. She struggles to obey the rules of the scornful Stones, resist the infantile Lord of the Underworld and retain her memory. She finds her father and they fleetingly build a happy life together. When Orpheus finally reaches her, she has to choose whether to return to the land of the living with him or stay with her father in the underworld.

Both witty and tragic, Theatre in the Square's Eurydice reminds us of the profound love and loss in each of us.

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