A Festival of Sex, Love and Death: Submission

23rd Jun 2017

Main House - Pleasance London



A Festival of Sex, Love and Death

Theme: Sex

“When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes.” Submission tells the story of Sameer, a young British Pakistani, who struggles to reconcile his sexual desires with a religion he values, admires and cherishes.

On the day of his 23rd birthday, Sameer and four friends hold an after party at their East London flat. As the group surrender to intoxication, a series of unwelcome events unfold. This triggers an unsettling and unhinged response in Sameer. Not only does he begin to question his faith in Islam, he also starts to acknowledge the cruel realities that people of colour face in the queer community. This leaves him with no where to turn to.

As Sameer’s struggles worsen, his frustrations slowly manifest in a series of salacious spoken word come quasi-Quranic compositions. Heavily conflicted with his allegiance to Mecca and his desire for temporal modernity, Sameer’s actions culminate in the unthinkable and force us to contemplate the importance of integrating age-old philosophy with new-wave ideology.

Told through the contrasting lenses of spoken word, multi-role play and naturalistic dialogue, Submission is a powerful, poignant and purposeful piece of new writing. Shedding light on highly relevant issues, Submission screams what needs to be said in a time when integration and tolerance is needed more than ever.

The second half of this double bill will be announced shortly


A Festival of Sex, Love and Death is a brand new, ten-day, multi-arts festival featuring an innovative and exciting programme of events: opera, cabaret, physical theatre, new writing and spoken word. The festival will form a melting pot of theatre-makers connected by the key forces that drive how we perceive and experience our lives: sex, love and death.

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Important information:

This show contains offensive language and mature themes (e.g. non-consent, religious sensitivity, sexual imagery, nudity).

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