30th Nov 2019 - 1st Dec 2019

StageSpace - Pleasance London

7:45pm, 5:45pm


Five parties. One big mouth. A biting and heartfelt dark comedy about what it really means to be loud, this new play is a story of survival, an exploration of self-awareness and a lesson in how to throw a really good party.

★★★★★ "Unforgettable" (Broadway Baby)
★★★★★ "A raw, triumphant and soaring one-woman odyssey" (Stage Whispers)
★★★★ "Pure genius" (North West End)
★★★★ (Feminist Fringe Review)

Suitable for ages 15 and above 

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Important information:

This show sudden loud noises, strong language and themes some audiences members may find distressing. Trigger warnings: mentions of suicide and abuse.

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

There is a lot of talent at the Fringe, but Jodie Irvine is one of a kind. Go see Gobby during its limited run, and we can all pat ourselves on the back in a few years time when its star receives her inevitable Olivier award.
5 stars
Broadway Baby
A phoenix rising from the popped balloons and empty cups, 'Gobby' is raw, triumphant and a soaring one-woman odyssey.
5 stars
Stage Whispers
Jodie’s performance is naturalistic, her comedy timing is perfection and she is never less than captivating.
4 stars
North West End
Jodie Irvine’s solo-woman performance is witty and meaningful. Her ability to manage group conversations through accents, positioning and props impressive.
4 stars
Feminist Fringe Review
It takes deep internal intellect to fully understand self-progression. The fact Irvine was able to clearly articulate this within Gobby demonstrates her impressive talents as a writer and performer. It’s a high expectation for a party, yet alone a Comedy-Drama play, to further your own personal growth. Having experienced tears, laughter, and internal analysis, Gobby felt fantastically therapeutic. It really is a must see.
With very few trappings to assist her, Irvine grabs and keeps her audiences attention with an absorbing performance. Honest, sincere and engaging, Gobby is beginning to break away from the norm for solo shows. With a creative narrative and enjoyable central performance, it’s a party you won’t regret attending.
Riot In The Cheap Seats
Moving seamlessly from awkwardness, to biting humour, to bitterness, to brittleness, Bri is a rounded and well-realized character with a powerful story to tell. The humour is relatable, and Irvine has great comic timing. But the more serious – and heartfelt – story that underlies it is really quite moving. The show’s real strength lies in the way these two elements work together – they’re actually two sides of the same coin. Overall, Gobby is a show that really surprises. Sharp, honest, and well-performed, this is an entertaining and skilful debut show, and I hope to see lots more from Irvine in the future.
She Wolf

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