Invisible Effect

3rd Sep 2018

Main House - Pleasance London



The world premiere of a new blended performance featuring a cast of international contemporary dancers, musicians and live art creators comes to fringe audiences at the Pleasance Theatre's London abode on Monday, 3rd September.

Baltic Art Form, Latvijas Koncerti and Latvia 100 present top contemporary performers exploring, and giving their response to ancient pagan rituals and the Latvian folk heritage.

Choreographer Kirill Burlov, previously of Rambert and the Latvian National Ballet, leads the creative team transforming these remarkable ancient traditions into a new contemporary dance performance. The award winning Latvian composer Platon Buravicky creates a new musical score for the event, a colourful work brimming with wit and humanity!

This is an invitation to delve into the ancient traditions of some of the last European pagan rites - join us and escape from the trappings of the couch and the custody of the box!

Burlov comments, “I have long wanted to bring the fascinating story and incredible artistry of ancient traditions to the stage. And I’m grateful to Latvia 100 and the Latvijas Koncerti for their generous support in the creation of this exciting new work and their efforts to further the Baltic story: a contemporary spin on ancient and traditional Latvian folk dance rituals”.

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