It'll Be Alt-Right on the Night

Wound Up Theatre

31st Jul 2019 - 26th Aug 2019

Beneath - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for ages 16 and above


it'll be alt-right on the night image

Important information:

This show contains strong language.

Greeny and Stevo grew up punks – squats, dumpster-diving and PVA-glue-spiked hair. But they've changed. No, f*ck that, the world's changed. One’s a soyboy, one’s a fascist, and, in a world of trigger warnings and snowflakes, conservatism is the new punk rock.

A story of social justice warriors and the far-right. With a jazz-punk score and a friendship ending in a Lidl carpark with a punch-up and accusations of Nazism. Are they stupid? Dickheads? Or just on different sides of an impassable ideological divide.

From the team behind acclaimed Bismillah! An ISIS Tragicomedy.

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