Kieran Hodgson: Maestro

Berk's Nest and United Agents

16th Aug 2019 - 24th Aug 2019

Pleasance Beyond - Pleasance Courtyard


Restricted to ages 14 and above


The Tales of Kieran Hodgson: Part Three.

Nominated for Best Show, Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2016. In 2003 Kieran Hodgson heard the music of Gustav Mahler and decided to write a symphony.

Sixteen years later he returns to the Fringe with this 2016 character comedy epic about falling in love and attempting something far beyond your abilities. Plus a violin. It's the classical music one.

'Wonderfully – indeed, symphonically – funny' ***** (Telegraph)

**** (Times)

**** (Independent)

**** (Guardian)

**** (

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