30th Nov 2018 - 2nd Dec 2018

Downstairs - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 14 and above


Important information:

This show contains blood, graphic descriptions of violence, sexual violence, and profanity used throughout. Not for the faint-hearted or strongly suggestible

A chambermaid, a hotel room and a dead woman. It's not what it looks like, really, it's not. It was self-defence... and anyway, the woman was asking for it.

The chambermaid considers herself to be a pretty normal person. She reads books. She goes to the cinema on a semi-regular basis. She pretended to read the party manifestos at the General Election. She's even read The Psychopath Test and she's pretty sure she's not one, so ... 

Ladykiller is a blood-soaked morality tale charting one woman's journey from violent oppression to bloody revolution - a jet-black comedy for the gig economy.

***** 'A smash hit and this fringe and beyond' (Broadway Baby)

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Open/closeReviews and Quotations

'a smash hit at this fringe and beyond.'
5 stars
Broadway Baby
'Madeline Gould's script is unflinching… Hannah McClean's bright-eyed portrayal is chilling, charming and terrifyingly believable. What is most thrilling about Ladykiller… is how the chambermaid looks and sounds just like us. She could easily be our neighbour, co-worker or friend.'
5 stars
The Skinny
' …an eerily convincing portrait of an unhinged mind. 'Ladykiller' defies expectations by raising issues such as social class and the inherent sexism in the study of serial killers (all discussed through a comedic lens)'
5 stars
Three Weeks
'The show is a sophisticated deconstruction of gendered narratives of victimhood.' 'McLean’s smooth-talking character manages to make her act of murder seem like a perverse feminist quest' 'political bite beneath the surface of its humour.'
‘sharp and blackly comic monologue’ 'Be nice to people who work in customer service” is just one of the messages in Ladykiller, a very funny and refreshingly offbeat comedy from The Thelmas.'
4 stars
The Stage
' Hannah McClean is superb as the maid… Her disarming smile is Cheshire Cattish, sometimes shark-like - enough to make you think twice next time you leave your hotel room in a state.'
4 stars
The Scotsman
'pokes at the optimism of feminist beliefs in equality and the innate compassion of women in a bracing… monologue of fierce intensity.'
4 stars
The List
'A bloody brilliant hymn to the dark side of a zero hours worker…' 'the writing is on point and for those with a sick sense of humour, Ladykiller is a must-see.'
4 stars
To Do List
'Madeline Gould’s script is one of the best written one-woman pieces at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.' 'Intellectually impressed. Ashamed of the female stereotype that society has created. A little revolted. But most of all, engaged and entranced by the production value of Ladykiller.'
4 stars
Miro Magazine
'a mesmeric performance. It’s a rare treat, combining humour, horror and intelligence.'
4 stars
Fringe Guru
'In this one woman show the audience have to walk around a dead body surrounded by a pool of blood to reach their seats and I am on the edge of my seat from beginning to end of this performance.' 'a very dark comedy and a fascinating topic to dwell on.'
The F Word
'Ladykiller is entertaining, funny, engaging, and an effective allegory for challenging gender roles in contemporary society. The writing is relevant and well executed. Hannah McClean has perfect comic timing, adeptly handling the pacing of the show’s meandering associations, expertly inhabiting the stage with her impressive pretence, stick-shifting our expectations like she’s driving at the Formula One.;
4 stars
Theatre Box Blog

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