The Lampoons: House on Haunted Hill

1st Aug 2018 - 26th Aug 2018

10 Dome - Pleasance Dome


Suitable for ages 14 and above


The Lampoons are back with this joyously absurd and furiously bizarre late-night comedy! Join these four professional idiots in a hilarious reimagining of a Hollywood classic. An eccentric millionaire offers four strangers $10,000 if they last the night at his haunted house party. Tasty! Portuguese ghost cats. Killer pickles. And Vincent Price's rogue moustache. If you find a more haunted house, we'll double it!

***** (Time Out).

 'The best thing you haven't watched yet. These idiots are geniuses' (Simon Kane, BBC Comedy).

Important information:

Show contains strobe lighting, strong language and nudity.

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

"this talented cast deliver one hell of a funny show. The Lampoons have created something completely unique and deliver it with precision and brilliant timing. If you are in Edinburgh – I urge you to get yourself to see this bizarre mash up of horror and clowning, I can only imagine the amount of pints they will cause to drop over the month!"
5 stars
London Box Office
"This show is one of the best things that I have seen in years... Comedy genius.... a master class in silliness!"
5 stars
Mumble Comedy
"House On Haunted Hill is breathlessly fast moving, very funny, unashamedly stupid – and very much what your fringe experience should be made of."
4 stars
Broadway Baby
"you can’t afford to miss this one"
4 stars
Short Com
"gloriously ramshackle and exceedingly silly"
4 stars
Bouquets & Brickbats

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