The Listies: Ickypedia

The Listies

31st Jul 2019 - 18th Aug 2019

Pleasance Two - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for all ages


Important information:

This show contains audience participation.

***** (Fest) ***** (List) ***** (ThreeWeeks) ***** ( ***** ( ****½ (Age)

Australia's kidult comedians are back with a new show filled with trademark bottom-waggling anarchy!

Based on The Listies best-smelling book, Ickypedia aims to answer all of life's unimportant questions, like: How do you take a smellfie? What are udderpants?* How many bubble machines are too many? What's the Snot Ness Monster? What happens if you never ever clean your room?

'If the Wiggles are the Eagles, the Listies are the Sex Pistols' (Age)

Fringe total sell-outs 2016, 2017.

*Pants for cows.

Age guidance: 5+

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

"A kids' comedy duo so funny you might wet yourself."
5 stars
The Age
In an era of empty promises, it's nice to find a show title that actually means what it says. The Listies – Australian comedy duo Matt and Rich – really do make you LOL, and LOL and LOL and then LOL some more, until your stomach muscles are sore.
5 stars
The List
"Super fun – a brilliant mix of clowning and gross-out humour, general mischief with manic theatrical surprises the kids will go nuts for!"
4 stars
Sydney Morning Herald

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