London Horror Festival: Happily Never After

The Maydays

13th Oct 2019

Main House - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 18 and above


Award-winning improvisers The Maydays are back and better than ever with this skin-prickling tale inspired by the warped imaginations of Tim Burton, Lemony Snicket and the Brothers Grimm.

Starting with your suggestion, The Maydays take you on a bone-chilling journey, meeting the grotesque and the innocent, weaving a fantastical story full of black comedy and haunting live music.

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Dark and hilarious, The Maydays prove yet again that they are maestros of their craft. Back at the Fringe with their darkly comedic improv wickedness, The Maydays deliver more of what they do best. Featuring on-the-spot thinking at its most twisted and slick, Happily Never After is one of the surest bets for entertainment at the festival.
4 stars
James Haunton
'Happily Never After' is a thoroughly entertaining show with accomplished performers. Darkly funny, satisfyingly ghoulish and uplifting. It’s a great deal of fun and the true joy of it is - you can see it as many times as you like because no two performances will be the same.
4 stars
Annie Power
Being inspired by fairy tales, Gothic themes and the warped imagination of Tim Burton was all-too-clear in the wide and undeniably impressive range of sketches, theatre troupe The Maydays gave. I defy anyone to find a better improvisational theatre troupe. Tim Burton would be proud! The swiftness with which they could go from a scene of abject despair to gut-clenching hilarity meant that no change instigated by any one of the female quartet proved too big a challenge. Indeed, the complete absence of fluster between each scene transition showed improvisational theatre at its best.
5 stars
Oliver Lugg

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