London Horror Festival: Italian Horror Stories

Grand Guignol de Milan

13th Oct 2019

Main House - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 16 and above


Italian Horror Stories explores the Italian historical facts and legends that inspired gothic classics such as Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein Monster and the Woman in Black.

The show is divided into vignettes, played with different techniques such as pantomime and prose, emceed by a sarcastic and devilish storyteller, Asmodeus the Prince of Darkness, who will lead the audience in an intriguing journey through ancient horrors.

Feature of the show is the interaction with the audience that is invited to make fun of dramatic facts and to laugh at the reaper to accept, with dark irony, the human condition.

Important information:

This show contains strobe lights, strong language and partial nudity.

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

"An inspired and gloriously rich piece of performance art" ★★★★★
5 stars
Annie Power - London Pub Theatres
"Fearsomely fabulous fun if Italian Horror Stories comes to your town drop everything to see it" 666/666
5 stars
Simon Ball - The Horror HotHouse
A wonderfully bizarre mix of “white pantomime” of the Lecoq school, horror, “Italian grand guignol,”, classical music and dance. The charming Botticelli cherub come Devil who introduced the stories gave a fascinating insight into the true crimes behind them. Who knew there were so many mummies in Italy?
4 stars
Nicholas Vince

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