London Horror Festival: What the Dolls Saw

House of Macabre

18th Oct 2019 - 20th Oct 2019

StageSpace - Pleasance London

7:15pm, 2:45pm

Suitable for ages 16 and above


Five women. One cold case. A house full of dolls.
'What the Dolls Saw' is an all-female, dark-comedy thriller.

Three sisters travel home for the funeral of their father, who happens to be the world’s greatest Dollmaker. With their mother on the edge of sanity, and an unsolved case haunting the family, the sisters must unearth dark secrets to find out: what did the dolls see?

A delight for fans of true crime with a plot that unravels like a mystery podcast. This a play about sisterhood, and the pressure upon women to fit into the perfect china mould. Not recommended for those with a phobia of dolls… or a fear of feminism.

Written by Nic Lamont who has penned dark comedy for BBC3 and BBC Radio 4.

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

For The Darklings, by the same writer: 'Ridiculously funny... Joe Orton-style mistaken identity and a Harold Pinter comedy with menaces.'
Lyn Gardner
Pure f*cking genius... intelligent horror of the highest calibre.'
5 stars
Nicholas Vince (LHF Patron)
A fearless, confrontational and darkly funny show.
4 stars

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