23rd May 2017 - 4th Jun 2017

StageSpace - Pleasance London

7:45pm, 5:30pm


Following a sold out showcase as part of the New Diorama Theatre Companies Programme; Fictive Theatre bring to the Pleasance a brand new absurd, dystopian satire. Lottery is a comedy full of awkward moments, illicit deals and panic ridden decisions.

Politics has changed, the voting system as we know it has been replaced by a new, fairer system. The PM is chosen at random every 5 years, whether qualified for the job or not.

The public can’t be trusted with a vote anymore.Democracy is clearly a flawed system. Running the country is now a random member of the public who, after being chosen, tries to toe the line between being the “down-to-earth-everyman-who-looks-out-for-the-people” to “the-newest-addition-to-a-club-who-despite-swearing-they’ve-been-randomly-selected-have-a-striking-resemblance-to-the-old-elected-cabinet.”

Fictive Theatre is presenting their third show at The Pleasance following a revival of Fiona Evans’ Scarborough at The Cockpit Theatre and Mark Ravenhill’s Handbag. Fictive are working in association with Bernie Grant Arts Centre and is known to create intimate and brave theatre.

This show is part of our Spring Season and can be found in our brand new brochure which is available here

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

"Lottery is a great bit of writing, strikingly staged and excellently performed."
London City Nights
"Both beautiful and fascinating"
London Theatre 1
"Fictive Theatre is a talent to watch."
Once A Week Theatre
"I wondered if David Cameron ever experienced half the turmoil."
A Younger Theatre

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