Mark, Miles and Camille: Work in Progress


9th Feb 2020

StageSpace - Pleasance London



Mark, Miles and Camille know each other from hit Channel 4 series Lee and Dean ("Cleverly crafted comedy brilliance" Observer) and now they’re holding each other’s hands through this work in progress show, as they each perform live on their own for the first time ever!

Camille is one third of sketch trio Birthday Girls ("The next generation of TV stars... jaw-achingly funny" NME).

A Google search will show you she’s been on the telly but she’s most well-known for shitting herself at Glastonbury and having an "absolute willingness to disgrace and degrade herself" (List).

Aside from the success of Lee and Dean, which Miles and Mark co-wrote, they've recently been nominated for Best Comedy Partnership award by I Talk Telly. They’ve also written for Morgana Robinson and appeared in Life on The Road (with Ricky Gervais), Hospital People (BBC) and The Javone Prince Show (BBC).

Miles has IBS and Mark has acid reflux. The evening really should be sponsored by Rennie and Imodium.

Join the three of them as they present some new and old characters and half-baked sketches.

Camille's photo by Sarah Cresswell.

Important information:

Work In Progress Offer: Buy 3 shows in the season for £12!

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