Medea Electronica

19th Feb 2019 - 24th Feb 2019

Main House - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 14 and above


Important information:

This show contains flashing lights, loud music and sounds, smoke and themes might find disturbing.

Medea Electronica is a powerful and deeply moving retelling of the Greek tragedy, set in 1980’s rural England.

Staged amidst an electrifying live gig, this is a heart stopping story of a family caught in the brutal throes of a marriage unravelling. Brand new company Pecho Mama exploded onto the theatre scene in 2018 with this bold, imaginative and genre-defying debut, which will captivate theatre lovers and music fans alike.

Medea is an ancient tragedy, best known for its savage act of filicide as an act of revenge.

'a stunning kaleidoscopic journey into hell itself' ***** Broadway Baby

'expertly crafted, performed to the highest standards, thematically fearless, smart as hell and cool as f*ck' ***** London City Nights

'every instant packed with intensity, power and rawness' ***** Stage Talk

'an exquisite piece of theatre, brilliantly executed and not quite like anything I've seen before' ***** Theatre Box

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

This is not a production for the faint of heart, and it does not shy away from the horror of Medea's actions, but Pecho Mama have crafted a play that taps deep into something primal within you and is simply awe-inspiring to see. It is theatre at its most intense, frightening, visceral and, at times, painful to watch. I loved every single minute of it.
5 stars
Broadway Baby
This is a show that truly has to be seen to be believed. It’s difficult to describe the intensity that engulfs the room, from the very first pulse of synthesiser to Medea’s dramatic final actions. The music represents the emotional heart of the piece, and it’s pretty tense from the beginning (with the strain of the family’s new start) – but it slowly builds and builds in a dazzling electro crescendo until Medea strains at the leash no more. She frees herself from the constraints & expectations of her status as wife, and prepares to exact her bloody revenge on the man who has so terribly wronged her.
5 stars
Please Mind The Blog
Medea Electronica is a sublime sensory experience - blending cutting edge musical compositions, emotive dramatics and classic storytelling results in stunning theatrical vision.
4 stars
Culture Fix
MUST SEE SHOW: Medea Electronica asks just what we mean by Greek tragedy, what our conceptions of drama without music are, and why we need to reconnect to this finally cathartic ritual. For once it’s an epithet justified as you walk out ringing, bronzed with where you’ve been. An essential experience.
Fringe Review

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