2nd Oct 2017

Main House - Pleasance London

4:30pm, 7pm

Suitable for ages 12 and above


Are you normal? Gregor Samsa is. He has a nice normal job and a nice normal family and lives in a nice normal house with normal wishes and normal dreams and a nice normal future to look forward to. That is until the day he wakes to discover he has turned into a giant insect.

In a new creative adaptation, Splendid Productions get their scrabbly insect mandibles on Franz Kafka’s chilling story of dislocation, mutation and isolation and transform it into a slithering, creeping, wriggling, delightful, comical, tragical, musical, physical theatrical adventure for everyone who has woken up wondering: has the world changed, or is it just me?

"***** A masterclass in performance from start to finish... top class theatre” North West End (Macbeth)

“****… multi-talented, multi-voiced, multi-bodied … brilliantly imaginative” (The Odyssey)

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