The Millennials: Battle of Perspectives

20th May 2019

Main House - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 16 and above


Committed to unearthing new talent and giving our generation a voice, Black Cat Theatre's acclaimed show, The Millennials, is back once again to explore the trials and tribulations of the millennial generation through new writing by award-winning, as well as up and coming playwrights. 

Enjoy a raucous and thought-provoking evening as you accompany these Millennials on a journey through the Battle of Perspectives – gender perspectives, to be more precise! In this call and response setup, we challenge you to pick a side, or simply sit back and engage in the trials and tribulations of this generation's stories from a whole different outlook, all in a jam-packed and fast-paced 90 minutes. 

As we always like to say, leave your expectations at the door, and buckle up to see this generation like never before. Are you ready to feel #Inspired?

Important information:

This performance is suitable for ages 16 and over only.

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