Narcissist In The Mirror - Edinburgh Preview

25th Jun 2018

Downstairs - Pleasance London



A dark comedy about life, ambition and millennial expectation. Narcissus is a love addict, a starving artist and a lost soul searching for self-worth.

Laced with acerbic wit, punchy dialogue and intricate spoken word, ‘Narcissist in the Mirror’ is an honest account of self-exploration, as rip-roaring as it is poignant and heartfelt.

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

The piece speaks the thoughts of a young woman with the frankness of Fleabag...but with the attention to verse and rhyme of one of Luke Wright's plays and occasionally a delivery that brings to mind Kate Tempest.
British Theatre Guide
Hilarious spins are put on her experiences of sibling rivalry and dating someone with a poor grasp of grammar, and they are easy to identify with which allows the show to hit the comedy bulls-eye time and again.
5 stars
Northern Soul
a superbly acted and witty play.
4 stars
Manchester Theatre Awards

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