Olivia Lee: Work in Progress


17th Mar 2022 - 18th Mar 2022

The Studio - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 16 and above


Important information:

Work in Progress Offer: 3 £5 shows in the season for £12.00

Off the back of her hit controversial mindfulness album 'Mindful Mum; How Not To Lose Your Total Fucking Shit' - this show is a live version of the album and elaborates on it's themes. In 'Olivia Lee; Losing Her Total Fucking Shit' she talks you through what makes her lose it, her own struggles with life, motherhood, and ultimately how she now embraces losing her shit by letting herself off the hook for being imperfect.

This is Olivia's two fingered salute to always having to be positive and well behaved. No, this is Olivia's guide to staying sane by doing the exact opposite - by embracing your angry inner self!

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