The Oresteia

8th Oct 2018

Main House - Pleasance London

4:30pm, 7pm


Splendid Productions present an epic, murderous tale of family, history, vengeance and honour in a story nearly as old as theatre – The Orestia.

Condensing Aeschylus’s classic trilogy into an hour, Splendid’s regal cast of three retell the story of King Agamemnon, his queen Clytemnestra, and their children, Iphigenia, Electra and Orestes. A legendary family born to power, but destined to rip itself apart in a bloody cycle of tragedy.

In the aftermath of the Trojan War, victorious Agamemnon returns home to find that after ten years of war, the greatest danger lives in his own house. Unforgivable acts demand unforgivable retribution in a world that never forgets and cannot forgive.

Splendid’s new creative adaptation explores the place where rage meets justice in an artful, political, physical, musical, entertainingly furious – and furiously entertaining - piece of theatrical magic.

“***** …vibrant and vivacious theatre… magnificent” (ThreeWeeks)

"***** ...A masterclass in performance from start to finish... top class theatre” (North West End)

"There is pleasure behind every moment of this show" (Total Theatre)

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