Pierre Novellie: See Novellie, Hear Novellie, Speak Novellie

1st Aug 2018 - 26th Aug 2018

Upstairs - Pleasance Courtyard


Restricted to ages 14 and above


Last year, Pierre gave you observational comedy for people who think they don't like observational comedy (***** (Metro)), this year it's satire for people without a team. Pierre's views don't please anyone 100% of the time, so who exactly is his demographic? Other white South African Manxmen? When you feel alienated by life, mock it vigorously. Pierre was nominated by industry website for the Best Club Comedian award in 2016 and 2017.

More propaganda:

'Dawn of a major talent' (Guardian).

'Hilarious' (Sunday Times).

'Very funny' (Scotsman).

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