Pip Utton as Dylan

Pip Utton Theatre Co

3rd Aug 2022 - 29th Aug 2022

Beneath - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for ages 14 and above


Important information:

This show contains strong language.

Performer: Fringe legend Pip Utton, Stage Special Award for Excellence, etc...

Author: John Clancy, multi Fringe First-winning playwright (Fatboy, The Event).

Director: David Calvitto, The Stage Best Actor Award winner.

Sometime in the imaginary future it's Bob Dylan's final concert. You have a backstage pass. An intimate, revealing "final reckoning". Dylan settles old scores, spins a few tall tales and reflects on over 60 years in the public eye.

In his inimitable style, Pip connects Dylan with the audience, removes the mask of a legend and reveals the man you thought you knew.

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