29th Mar 2017 - 22nd Apr 2017

Main House - Pleasance London

7:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm


Posh - The All-Female Production
Darkly comic, and disgracefully entertaining, Laura Wade’s Posh, burst to life at The Royal Court theatre in 2010 with a cast featuring future stars Kit Harrington and James Norton.

Now the riotous story of Oxford student dining club, a fictionalised version of the infamous Bullingdon Club, will be told for the first time by a company of all-female actors.

In the private dining room of a gastro pub, 10 young bloods with cut-glass vowels and deep pockets are meeting, intent on restoring their right to rule. As members of an elite student dining society, they’re bunkering down for a wild night of debauchery, decadence and bloody good wine. But this isn’t just a jolly: they’re planning a revolution. Welcome to The Riot Club.

This thrilling new production gives Laura Wade’s play a new, topical voice by allowing women to take centre stage in roles originally written for men.

The All-Female Production of Posh will be directed by Off West End Award winner Cressida Carré. Press night is Monday 3 April at 7.30pm. 

Cast to be announced.

 Age guidance 14+

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

Scabrously funny, disgustingly smug, and deeply disturbing
5 stars
Laura Wade’s depiction of wealth and privilege is savagely funny.
5 stars
A Triumph. A heady blend of timely satire and outrageous romp
4 stars
Braying, arrogant, narcissistic, sexist, cruel - deeply snobbish and filthy rich.
4 stars