The Rip Current

Edinburgh University Theatre Company

18th Aug 2022 - 29th Aug 2022

Pleasance Above - Pleasance Courtyard


Suitable for ages 16 and above


Important information:

This show contains distressing themes, scenes of violence and strong language.

An experimental nosedive into Jamie's fractured past.

Struggling to assimilate at Cambridge University, Jamie makes an unlikely connection with a former Etonian – Bertie. As Jamie battles to discover himself, he can't seem to escape the past: a past he can't quite piece together. With the absence of his estranged father, Ruairidh, starting to take its toll, Jamie's relationship with his single mother Bridie is pushed to the limit.

Lean in and exhale as you sink into Jamie's distorted world whist he fights, with everything he has, to keep his head above water.

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