Roald Dahl's Marvellous Medicine

16th Aug 2017 - 23rd Aug 2017

Beneath - Pleasance Courtyard



Did you know that Roald Dahl not only wrote George's Marvellous Medicine, but came up with some marvellous medicine of his own?! Join Roald Dahl’s doctor, Professor Tom Solomon, for a fascinating trip into the whoopsey-splunkers world of Dahl’s amazing medical inventions. Using Dahl’s fantastical stories Professor Solomon will explain how the body works, what can go wrong and how we can fix it! Come and play Battle of the Brain Bugs and learn to make Phizz-Whizzing potions in this action-packed sell-out show.

'Solomon captivated his audience – clear, accessible, moving... amazing' (Guardian).

Suitable for Ages 7+ 


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Open/closeReviews and Quotations

"Impressive, fascinating, perfect . . recommended for all ages"
Callum aged 8
"Probably the best talk I have ever heard, very fun, interesting, , the best I have been to" - Connor (aged 11)
Caroline (aged 11)
"Exciting, funny, 1000% recommended … the best ever!"  Ben Samuel (aged 8) 
Ben Samuel (aged 8)
'Solomon captivated his audience – clear, accessible, moving... amazing'
The Guardian
"Fun interactive presentations and games kept the kids involved and interested."
5 stars
Families on Line
A WORLD OF SIZZLING POTIONS! --------------------------------- "I would not hesitate to recommend this memorable show with its universal appeal to all ages –adults and children age 7 upwards. The overall theme of the show is to use Roald Dahl’s stories and life to explain how the body works, what can go wrong with it and how we can fix it. The creator of the show was Dahl’s personal doctor. Professor Tom Solomon’s delivery is light yet instructive keeping the audience fully engaged at all times. His easy rapport with the children was rewarded with the children’s eagerness to participate on stage, be it as a White Blood Cell or experimenter. The format of the show was structured but not rigid, given colour by the children’s individual contributions. Roald Dahl’s personal life was used as a framework on which to build illustrations of scientific subjects eg vaccination, snake bite pathology, basics of nerve transmission. In addition to using carefully chosen props ( including a Solomon family skull!) anecdotes came readily from Dahl’s life – he kept the ball of his femur as a memento in his writing shed, and the BFGs unusual words were based on his first wife’s word confusions after a stroke. The audience was able to appreciate the rich variety of Dahl’s talents beyond that of a writer: pilot, inventor, carer and campaigner. He had to overcome personal challenges throughout his life: a head injury in his infant son drove him to invent a medical valve where current techniques had failed; he helped rehabilitate his first wife after a series of strokes whilst she was pregnant; , the loss of his 7-year-old daughter to measles encephalitis motivated his campaign for vaccination. Furthermore there is a published book available which covers more detail, and gives all proceeds to the charities working in areas Dahl supported. As a family we felt fortunate to have experienced a show which entertained, educated and inspired with unforgettable humour.--------------------------------- Oliver- age 11 “Exciting and fun. I really enjoyed watching the experiments” Anna – age 8- “ Really fun. I loved the sizzling potion recipe at the end to make the medicines!”
5 stars
Ruth Hollinghurst

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