The Rockford File

1st Aug 2018 - 26th Aug 2018

Jack Dome - Pleasance Dome


Suitable for ages 12 and above


There's more than meets the mince pies in this appealing homage to 1970s TV Private Eye Jim Rockford, filtered through the lens of classic Ealing comedies and brilliant live roots music. A beguiling, funny, poignant, foot tapping show performed by Liam Grundy ('great rocking country' (Mojo)) and Jonathan Holloway, founder of international theatre outfit Red Shift and writer for theatre and broadcasting.

Directed by Giles Croft, whose production of The Kite Runner recently played two seasons in the West End. 'Tells the story with playful simplicity' (Guardian).

Performer, writer and director, Jonathan Holloway, has won Scotsman Edinburgh Fringe Awards - the Festival's premiere accolade - with his company 'Red Shift', three times in a row.

Listen to the actual music from The Rockford File:

Open/closeReviews and Quotations

“Both men have a huge well of experience in the world of theatre, Jonathan as the main force behind The Red Shift Theatre Company since 1982, where he has directed many plays (classics and self penned). Liam is best known for his talents as a piano player, having played with numerous American music legends over the years (Scotty Moore, James Burton, Billy Swan), he has also released two excellent solo albums (“Richmond” in 2009 and “Houston” in 2015)…. Calling themselves “Badback Mountain” (source of numerous jokes from their family relatives), they intersperse the plot with some musical numbers including an excellent brand new song penned for the occasion titled “No Girl in Tennessee”. Both characters take jabs at each other but you feel that their deep love for the music they are playing and for that damn TV show means a whole lot more to them than they are ready to admit to each other. As the story moves along you also realise that there might be more at stake than just getting the show ready for the Edinburgh opening night…”
Craig Chaligne:
The Independent Newspaper Edinburgh festival 2018: Lyn Gardner's pick of the most interesting shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and International Festival “If you were alive and watching telly in the 1970s, then The Rockford File, a homage to TV private eye, Jim Rockford, will appeal.”
Lyn Gardner

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