Romeo and Juliet

1st Aug 2018 - 27th Aug 2018

Pleasance Above - Pleasance Courtyard



Enemies. Balconies. Kissing. Sausage rolls! Shakespeare's iconic tale is ‘rubbished’ in this debut Fringe run. Sporting a national reputation, from school tours to work with the RSC, this all-male, all-silly troupe present Shakespeare's most hilarious tragedy ever.

Expect an hour of multi-roling, unkempt wigs and the burliest Juliet yet. Ideal for the whole family (3+).

‘Unique and vibrant’ (Express).

'Alton Towers or Rubbish Shakespeare Company? I’d choose the Rubbish Shakespeare Company' (Frodsham C of E).

‘They were sick!’ (Chobham Academy).

'The one thing they’re not is rubbish' (St Augustine’s High School).

Age Guideline: 3+

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