Science Fiction Theatre Festival: Antarctica

Horatio Productions

19th May 2020 - 23rd May 2020

Downstairs - Pleasance London

7pm, 3:30pm

Suitable for ages 12 and above


"This is how it's going to work: don't touch my cereals, don't talk to the crabs, and don't call me a robot... it's offensive."

It’s bigger. It’s better. It’s… Horatio Productions’ Science Fiction Theatre Festival, Antarctica. A full week of alien invasions, robots, time travellers and eccentric scientists.

Featuring every day Antarctica: A comedy based on real groundbreaking climate change and artificial intelligence research, with the collaboration of King’s College London.

Short plays, new writing, over 70 artists, astounding visions of the future to provoke, inspire and entertain audiences of all ages.

Supported by Arts Council England

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