she seeks out wool

Klein Blue

19th Dec 2021

Downstairs - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 12 and above


Spoken word and large-scale live knitting weave this story of generations of women, from Praszka to Liverpool, whose hands all danced the dance of knit one purl one.

In this year of rebuilding, unravelling and starting to rebuild again, it’s a practice that has lessons for us all. What does it mean to create something stitch by stitch? What does it mean to mend mistakes in the pattern? What does it mean to be close-knit?

Writer-performer Sophie Ablett shares the journey of her family and the discovery of the loose threads, the relatives left behind and how the past can be woven into the present.

she seeks out wool premiered at The Pleasance as part of the Fringe Futures Festival and ran as part of Tsitsit Fringe in Manchester. It is presented by Klein Blue (VAULT, BAC, CPT, Brighton Fringe).

'The most moving and beautiful performance I have seen in a very long time.’ (Yarn Addicts of Manchester)

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