The Showstoppers' Kids Show

The Showstoppers / Something for the Weekend

22nd Aug 2020 - 29th Aug 2020

The Grand - Pleasance Courtyard



TWO SHOWS ONLY! Here at The Showstoppers’ Kids Show we take kids ideas and turn them into marvellous, musical interactive adventures!

You decide where the story is set, who we meet and where we go. Harry Potter on the moon? Done! Peppa Pig and the Gruffalo meet dinosaurs inside a doll’s house? No worries!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR GROWN UPS: Children (and ONLY children!) are in charge here – no cheating please! Kids get to decide who our heroes are and what happens next in every story. All they need to do is shout out their ideas and The Showstoppers will bring them to life, right there on the spot. They can even join in!

If your children could create their very own dream musical show, where would they start? An igloo in space? A magical ice palace? And who would the characters be? An astronaut? A tiger? A ghost? From their imaginations straight onto the stage – we’ll bring their ideas to life.

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