Thank You For Doing Nothing

Silent Uproar in association with the Pleasance

16th Jun 2020 - 28th Jun 2020

Main House - Pleasance London

7:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm


“The year is 2099 and everything is f*cking brilliant… If you’re a god damn winner.”

In the near future so-called “global warming” has apparently affected most of Britannia’s drinking water - if you want to believe the opinions of 99% of experts and their so-called “science”.

But fear not; our hero, and lobbyist for the Big Water Corporation, Molly Pazgan is here to tell you that everything is fine. This satirical musical is a hilarious night out like no other, exploring the climate emergency and the men that profit from it.

Multi-award-winning Silent Uproar are back after their critically acclaimed national tour of A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) by Jon Brittain.

Silent Uproar create new shows inspired by movies, comic books, and big ideas to make the world a little bit less sh*t.

Supported by the Cockayne Foundation.

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