Tricky Second Album

In Bed With My Brother

2nd Aug 2019 - 18th Aug 2019

10 Dome - Pleasance Dome


Suitable for ages 16 and above


Important information:

This show contains audience participation, distressing themes, nudity, scenes of a sexual & violent nature, strobe lighting, strong language/swearing, fire treason & loud music throughout.

Tricky Second Album is our Tricky Second Album. It's an Album. It's Tricky. In 1988 the KLF published The Manual: A guide to getting a number-one in the UK top 40s, the easy way. In 1994 the KLF burnt one million pounds. In 2017 our heads caught on fire. So we read the manual. In 2018 we started work on our debut number-one album. In 2019 the world is burning. From the creators of We Are Ian, this is nothing like that.

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