A Womb of One's Own

Wonderbox and The Pleasance

31st Jul 2019 - 26th Aug 2019

10 Dome - Pleasance Dome


Suitable for ages 14 and above


Important information:

This show contains distressing themes, scenes of a sexual nature, strong language and other partial nudity.

'Grandmamie, if no one touches my boobs before I'm 21 I'm going to explode all over the net curtains.'

Babygirl is 18 and has just discovered sex, despite her Catholic upbringing. Just when her university life of drinking, partying and bisexual excitement begins, she discovers she's up the duff.

Funny, clever and politically challenging A Womb of One's Own follows Babygirl on her journey of self and sexual discovery, exploring the emotional rollercoaster that is an unwanted pregnancy and asking why it's still such a taboo.

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***** (

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Presented by Wonderbox and The Pleasance

Supported by the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund for Theatre


Accessible Performannces

Wednesday 14th of August: Relaxed
Friday 23rd August: Captioned

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