Words in Progress

14th Dec 2018 - 16th Dec 2018

Downstairs - Pleasance London

8pm, 3pm

Suitable for ages 16 and above


Important information:

Trigger warning: Some of the monologues contain strong themes. Should anyone require any further information, please contact us. This show also contains strong language.

WORDS IN PROGRESS is the inaugural project from Young Pleasance London.

4 scratch shows. 40 young actors. 70 new monologues by exciting young writers. Young Pleasance asked writers aged 16 - 25 from across the UK to write about something that mattered to them, and their actors have brought these competition winning texts together to create four new pieces of theatre.

Show Running Time: Approx 2 hours 20 minutes (including interval)

'Please please please I just want to walk the streets as a child again. I want to be girl not woman, she says. I just want to walk the streets, she says. No, they say. No no no. Now, girl. Now, the streets walk you.'
Extract from Walk You by E. Nawal (2018 monologue submission)

The below monologues will be performed on Friday, 14 December 2018, 8pm and Saturday, 15 December 2018, 3:00pm
Cleanse, Fin, A Rose, Food Baby, Walk you, Forward now, The Virgin, Swallow, Bright Smoke, Without Warning, Stuck in the Mud, Gone to the Dogs, Pizza Place, Rapture, Roar, My Exploding Universe, When it all turns to Dust, Carrier of all Things, Please handle me with Care, How loan can you Go, Half, Catch me, An Angry Woman, All we Could, Transmutation Station, Snowflake, Three inches Taller, Bike race on the Holloway Road, I’m Listening, Looking for a soft space to Land, The Object, Preg, Fifteen, Success

The below monologues will be performed on Saturday 15th December,8 pm and Sunday 16th December, 3:00pm.
That’s why I’m Here, Evergreens and Milk Teeth, Have you tried Yoga?, Cold Call, Spit, Unload, Pepperoni Pizza, The guy to my Left, I heart Romeo, 21/03/1999, Love is, For whom the bell Tolls, Hairdini, Mixtape/up, Stars can keep secrets far better than people, Rabbit paw, Mayflies, Under pressure, Patricia tells him, Nah you’re alright mate, Live by the sword die by the sword, Laura, To the girl on the 156 to Vauxhall, Suffrage, Pretty extreme, Presumptuous, All is well, No way Back, Invasive, Another one?, The phone call, Home stretch/hiraeth, Love you, Rinse the dishes, Everything must go, Time, Footsteps, Hallowed ground

The Young Pleasance London actors will start 2019 with a repertoire of classic National Theatre Connections plays to be performed in the main house at the Pleasance in March.

'A massive thank you for letting us writers be in the room yesterday, I'm sure I am not only speaking for myself when I say the time spent with the actors was enlightening and extremely precious.'
Young Pleasance London young writer

If you are interested in Young Pleasance London, you can find out more on the Pleasance website or by getting in touch with us:

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