The Workshop

Berk's Nest

12th Jan, 16th Feb, 16th March, 13th Apr, 11th May & 8th Jun 2022

The Studio - Pleasance London


Suitable for ages 16 and above


Comedy that’s in the workshop! Be the first to see fresh new material from all your favourite comedians at Berk’s Nest’s new comedy night!

A mixed-bill comedy night with never-before-seen material from TV faces, award-winning stand-ups, and hot newcomers. You don’t want to miss this monthly night of new comedy!

A Berk-in-Progress show presented by Berk’s Nest.


  • JAN 12TH: Maisie Adam, Sara Barron, Max & Ivan, Runi Talwar & Jazz Emu
  • FEB 16TH: Olga Koch, Archie Maddocks, Pope Lonergan, Jen Ives & more TBA!
  • MAR 16TH: Isy Suttie, Darren Harriot, Jack Barry, Celya AB & Charlie George
  • APR 13TH: Suzi Ruffell, Ben Pope, Joz Norris & more TBA!
  • MAY 11TH: Sarah Keyworth, Christopher Bliss, Ania Magliano, & more TBA!
All line ups are subject to change.

Important information:

Work in Progress Offer: 3 £5 shows in the season for £12.00

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