Pleasance London Main House COVID-19 FAQs

Frequently asked questions, including COVID-19 safety measures

Pleasance London (Main House)

Main House 


What are we doing to ensure the building is Covid safe? 

We have taken many steps to ensure that your visit to Pleasance is safe and enjoyable.


  • Although from July 19th many restrictions have been lifted we have still taken many steps to ensure that your visit to Pleasance is both safe and enjoyable. The auditorium has been re-configured with a predominantly cabaret style seating layout, allowing for spaced and comfortable seating.
  • You will find hand sanitiser stations set up along your journey throughout the building. We ask all audience members to sanitise their hands upon entry. 
  • The bar area will be open 90 mins before the performance to allow you plenty of time to settle in and enjoy a pre-show drink. The auditorium will be open 30 mins before the performance. We recommend arriving early to avoid any queueing. 
  • We have put strict hygiene and cleanliness protocols in place. A deep clean and disinfection of the auditorium and communal areas will take place before every performance. All surfaces, door handles and toilets will be disinfected regularly throughout the evening. 
  • Our staff will all be wearing masks throughtout the night and in consideration for your fellow audience members we encourage you to wear masks when out of your seat and moving around the building. 


How do I order a drink and are you serving food?


  • We will be operating a delivery service to your table inside the auditorium. Orders will be placed on the app ‘Butlr’ and our team will deliver your drinks to you. For the majority of performances drinks can be ordered at any time during the show. We will let you know if this is not the case in your confirmation email.. To save time, feel free to download the app here and log in before you arrive.
  • The bar will be fully cashless with all orders paid for by card on the app. 
  • We do not serve food however we have a large range of snacks and Ice Cream available from the bar.



How do I book a ticket?

  • The best way to book a ticket is on our website here. Our Box Office is open from 2pm - 8pm on every show day. You can contact our Box Office on 020 7609 1800 and email on [email protected] All tickets must be purchased in advance of the show and cannot be bought on the door. 


Do I need a physical ticket?

  • No. We won’t be using any physical tickets. All tickets will be in the form of a QR code and will be emailed through to the lead booker. We will then scan the QR code on your phone. If you would prefer to bring a print out of the email, that is absolutely fine. 
  • Please note, we will not be posting out any physical tickets. If you are purchasing the ticket as a gift, you can simply forward on the email containing your tickets. 


How many tickets can I book and how many households can attend with me? 

  • Our tables hold a maximum of 4 however if you are sat in the balcony stalls you can attend with a larger group. There are no longer any restrictions on how many households you may attend with. 

Can I buy a single ticket?

  • Absolutely. Please email [email protected] and we will arrange a seat for you. We will not seat you at a table with others. You will be sat on the stools in the circle or balcony level. Ticket purchases will all be subject to availability. 


I have specific requirements for my booking. How do I book?

  • If there is anything that you would like us to be aware of before booking, for example you are a wheelchair user or require a hearing loop, email [email protected] and we will be happy to help. More information on our access provision is available here


Can I reserve seats? 

  • You cannot reserve specific seats unless you have a specific access requirement. However you can select which level of the Theatre you would like to be sat in. We will assign you seats in your selected level which the usher will show you to when you arrive. 
  • You will receive an email with your allocated venue entrance on the day of the show. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

  • Although masks are no longer mandatory, out of consideration for your fellow audience members and our staff we strongly advise that you bring and wear a mask in any situation where you are in close proximity to others. This may include when going to toilets or moving around the building. We want to create the safest possible environment for every member of our audience and staff. We appreciate your cooperation in this. 

What should I do when I arrive? 

  • On the day of the show you will receive an email detailing the final bits of information you need. When you arrive at Pleasance and enter the Courtyard you will need to go up the stairs on your left towards the Bridge Entrance.
  • Your tickets will be checked either on your phone or from a print out if that is easier for you. 
  • We kindly ask that you maintain your distance from those outside of your group whilst waiting to have your tickets checked. 
  • Once inside the auditorium you will be met by a member of our team who will show you to your seat. We ask that you stay in your seat throughout the evening unless of course you are heading to the toilet. 
  • You can order food and drinks throughout your visit on the app ‘Butlr’ (available to download here) and our team will deliver these to your table. 
  • At the end of the performance there will be some time to enjoy a post show drink in the auditorium. When you leave please follow the one way system and continue to maintain your distance from others. 


Can I go to the toilet during the show?

  • Yes. You will be able to go to the toilet at any point during the evening. Please follow the one way system and put your mask on as you move around the building. 


What happens if the show is cancelled? 

  • If the show is cancelled for whatever reason we will of course provide a full refund on your tickets, or if you would prefer, an exchange for an alternative night (this will be subject to availability). We are closely monitoring the government guidance and will communicate any changes to your booking as quickly as possible via email. 


What happens if I, or any member of my party feel unwell?

  • If you are feeling unwell or have to self-isolate please do not attend the theatre. Email [email protected] and we will issue a refund on your tickets. Your refund will not include the booking fee. 


What happens if I arrive late?

  • This will be dependent on the show you are going to see. We will get you into the auditorium as quickly and discreetly as possible but in order to cause minimum disruption to the audience and performers we may wait for an appropriate moment in the show. When you receive your confirmation email it will contain more information on the latecomer policy of your show. 

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