A Murder Most Foley

5th Jun 2018 - 10th Jun 2018

StageSpace - Pleasance London



A terrible murder has been committed at McDougal Manor and there is only one man who can solve it, the questionable Private Detective, Dick Reference!

This story follows our less than prolific Detective, as he finds himself on an island where murder is right around the corner. Lured into a large mansion, Dick finds himself trapped with a group of strangers all trying not to be the next victim! The guests (and indeed the suspects) include a suspicious Butler, an unhinged sea Captain and stable boy with an exhausting fascination for his four legged companions.

Using a live Foley desk, a live band and a colourful collection of characters, enjoy a comedy that breaks the sound barrier.

Join this new and exciting theatre company Fools Rush In, with their comedic thriller

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