Pleasance Futures

Develop and Nurture Ambition

Offering a variety of initiatives to artists on and off stage


Our Pleasance Futures initiatives include:


Young Pleasance


Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund

Creative Associates

Associate Company Programme

Litmus Fest

A Pleasance Scratch

Volunteer Programme



For over 30 years the Pleasance has provided a platform and launch pad for a great many artists at both the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and at Pleasance London. The Pleasance has also supported a great many individuals in associated creative, administrative and technical roles.  We call this wealth of experience and support Pleasance Futures.


Pleasance Futures offers a variety of initiatives for an array of individuals both on and off stage. From carpenters, crew, electricians to photographers, reviewers, bloggers and film-makers the Pleasance recognises how important those first opportunities into the creative industries can be.


Find out more about how you could support Pleasance Futures here.


“The Pleasance has always had an open door to a multitude of bright ideas, it is our desire to maintain that open door and to give people the opportunity, confidence, ambition and skills to help them find work beyond the festival.  Four weeks at the festival can be a life changing experience and we are determined to offer the most from that opportunity.” Anthony Alderson - Director


Ever since Christopher Richardson founded the Pleasance over 30 years ago, the philosophy of support for artistic enterprise has always been at the very core of the Pleasance’s principles. That philosophy of youthful ambition, of good humour and celebration continues to infuse all new ideas and invention at the Pleasance.


Through the charity’s existing and newly developed initiatives, the Pleasance Futures umbrella is designed to bring further emphasis and resource to each aspect of the trust’s charitable enterprises, creating a network of artists, associates, mentors and supporters. We have a passion for creating opportunities, supporting ambition, encouraging excellence and building reputations.


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