A Pleasance Scratch

A regular theatre scratch night hosted by the Pleasance

Next scratch on Mon 22nd October

A Pleasance Scratch is an evening of variety, ideas and fun; a chance to see artists present brave, new work at the first stages of development. The Pleasance is proud to support a large number of developing artists every year through our various Pleasance Futures initiatives, and this is an opportunity for you to have the first glimpse at what these talented young theatre makers are creating next.


The next Scratch is on Mon 22 Oct, 7.30pm! 


George by Contingency Theatre
Contingency Theatre present a work-in-progress of their new piece, George – a surreal physical theatre piece following an epic adventure to have a once in a lifetime meeting with “J”, an all-powerful and ever looming figure of authority.

Supernova by Rhiannon Needs

In space, no one can hear you scream.    /    God, that would be a relief wouldn’t it?
Tess and Harry don’t live in the real world, because the real world sucks. Discover theirs in this comedy drama about love, depression, and the greatest back catalogue of Sci-Fi movies ever made.

Wild Onion by Orange Skies Theatre
What is Wild Onion and How Do I Control It? Summer is on the horizon, the city too, and for these adolescents so is a ‘grown up’ life of supermarkets, malls and the commuter train. Wild Onion is a psychedelic, physical, musical exploration of youth in suburbia.

Why I’m Never Going Into Politics written and performed by Grace Campbell
Grace Campbell survived a childhood in British Politics, as her father Alastair Campbell was a key player in the New Labour government. Now she wants to tell you why she would rather eat socks for breakfast for the rest of her life than go into the occupation she knows the best. Why I’m Never Going Into Politics is a feisty show about a young woman’s rebellion against the pale stale middle-aged establishment.

Solo Hour by Two More Tigers Collective
A man, upon discovering that his planet is shortly to be destroyed by an asteroid, realizes that he wants to die alone. This new work of clowning engages with the positivity of loneliness and the power of solidarity with oneself. It’s also supposed to be funny.

Numbers Game by Georgia Cornick
Numbers Game is set within a world where everyone is issued with a number. Rather than searching for the person you want to fall in love with, they are hunting for their numerical match. We follow The Head, The Heart and The Gut through a story of falling in love, heartbreak and friendship. 


We provide:

- Mentoring and support from our team

- A slot in our Main House theatre to share your 10 minute piece of work-in-progress with an audience and get their feedback

- Basic technical support for the event


Each project should:

- Provide any props the performance requires

- Provide all technical requirements with as much notice as possible

- Be available all day on the day of the event

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